What can we do for you? All great challenges start with a meeting, a dream, a surrealist idea… We love working with trendy lines and curves full of life to build houses and buildings that once were just only dreams, impossible dreams… Our main pillars are our high professional standards and good results. We believe in a happier way of life and we know how to build it. Our best credentials? G1L Architects clients’ trust and satisfaction.

Homes to live & love. This is our company purpose. Unique projects, customised, with all the exclusive details and guarantees that only G1L Architects can provide. Modern Architecture based in vanguardist trends, new materials, open concept spaces and smart creativity.  Innovation and creativity working together to build the master lines of our proyects. Have a dream? Live it! Let’s meet!


Give us your ideas and our group of architects and designers will give life to them. We love to make your dreams come true



Started in 2003, G1L architects has a vast experience since then designing and creating new architecture all over the Costa del Sol, from Sotogrande to Malaga, with key projects in Marbella, Estepona and Mijas. Our group of experts will advise you, not only in architecture, but also can help you in many other areas like interior design, refurbishments and extensions.

But not only this. We offer you the possibility of finding the plot of your dreams, where to build your ideal home.  Due to our experience and knowledge of the area, we can assure we’ll find the perfect location for you.

We also act as consultants for town-planning laws and we can make preliminary studies of plots to be built. Thus the client can feel safe with their investments. Other services we include consist in helping to find appropriate builders, as well as helping with procedures to get licenses and any paperwork required.


Modern Design Penhouse Architect Marbella Malaga


Architecture is our passion. To create new spaces designed for each user is always a challenge. And we love challenges! In our long experience we had the chance to design from small houses to big villas, from residences to commercial premises. We always take new proyects with optimism. Our aim is to find a solution to the original ideas proposed by our clients and give something even better in return. See a selection of our projects here.



A house is not a home until you have your decoration done. This is what gives life to it, so you can enjoy and live it. We love this part of the process, studying materials, textures, colours… Everything counts, even small details, so that the final view is like a perfect picture. We get really involved designing houses as if they were our own, and believe us, we love our homes! Places you will love to live or work. Have a look at a selection of our interior designs.


Interiorism Studio Marbella Creative Works


We know how hard it gets when it comes to dealing with different institutions, getting licenses, etc. We include that in our services, as well as advising in many issues related to our clients’ ideas. We have a vast experience so we can let you know how to get the most of your plans. Our architects are members of the Official College of Architects of Malaga, so you are assured that you have all the guarantees.


Architecture Licence Application Spain Architects Marbella

Our trusting team of experts can support you and advise in many different issues, like urbanism, architecture, decoration and many more


Interiorism Studio Marbella Creative Works



Sometimes houses are not suited for their users and they need to be updated. We can also join this part of the process, where we can transform a building in different ways, from a face wash to a whole new place. Our experts will advise you about the best way to fit your refurbishing plans and bring new ideas that you’ve never imagined. Take a look at some of our works here, with a selection of our refurbishment projects


We had also have worked on new proposed areas to be built, where urbanism is essential to give character to a zone in the city. From designing a whole new residential area to make projects so that certain areas already built can fit the local urban law. We can deal with all these matters and make true some pieces of the new city and improve parts of the existing one. We can also advise in investing in new areas to be developped. Just ask us and we’ll help you. 


Interiorism Studio Marbella Creative Works




We make private valuations for informative purposes, and they can be used in legal matters, inheritances, or simply for getting the value of a property.


In this case we have made reports mostly about construction’s pathologies, concerning to dampness and cracks, and they can be used later on for legal purposes. We also do inspections to check the good conditions in houses.


We usually issue certificates to state a house’s conditions, including details to its size and age, so these certificates can be used to make a correct registration in the deeds, for example. We also prepare energy performing certificates, which are compulsory whenever you sell a property.

Opening licenses

Our duty here consist in all kind of paperwork needed for opening business premises for general use. We have our team of professional engineers, so we can provide technical projects, acoustic levels measuring, and anything you need for opening your business.