Best Experts and Guarantees for your refurbishment in Marbella and Costa del Sol. We take care of everything.



However you need to refurbish your apartment, commercial premises or a villa, we can take full charge of it. From getting the best construction companies in your project, managing all the process and controlling the budget. All this you can rely on us. We get involved in the whole process, from the very beginning, the designing project, to the final touches of the construction works.

We also give advise on legal requirements for extensions and ease the paperwork needed. You never knew you could get so much from your old storeroom or an abandoned garage. Here we have some examples of several refurbishments, renovations and extension projects we had all over the Costa del Sol, from Torreguadiaro (close to Sotogrande), to Estepona, San Pedro, Marbella and Mijas.

Best Experts and Guarantees for your refurbishment in Marbella, Málaga and Costa del Sol.

We take care of everything.



This time we had a full building restored. Two-stories high, they were originally four independent garages. On the top floor there was just one big empty room. We changed them into 4 offices with a big open space at the entrance and a smaller and more private at the back, with a toilet downstairs and a room upstairs.


Estepona Architects Marbella Architecture Studio Malaga

Business Premises, Front view  BEFORE

Malaga Refurbishments Marbella Architects Estepona

Business Premises, Front view AFTER

Estepona Architect Studio Marbella Interior Design Zagaleta

Refurbished Business Premises (Office)

Estepona Architec Studio Interiorism Malaga Refurbishments

Refurbished Business Premises (Office)


Commercial Building, Back view BEFORE

Architects Refurbishments Marbella Renovation Commercial Venue

Commercial Building, Back view AFTER


Settled in the midst of Calahonda, one of the best urbanizations in the Costa del Sol, the Smith House had become out of date. The finishings were the same old ones from the seventies, old carpentry, old-fashioned finishings… Moreover, the house didn’t fit with the needings of the family.

We extended the house by having a new upper floor, where we placed the main bedroom with a big size terrace and great views. The bottom floor was refurbished and renovated. New double-glazed windows, underfloor heating and everything to make it comfortable and adjusted to its new owners.

Refurbishments Marbella Architects Renovations Malaga Architect



In the exclusive area of Los Naranjos Golf Club, we had the chance to give new life to a secondary building from a big villa. Originally a garage, but later transformed in a messy storeroom, we turned it into a guest house. The pitched roof was enhanced by false wooden beams that were actually ceiling lights, so they added intimacy as shortening the space and also pointing out the height of the room. Opening to the private garden added charm to this space, facing the morning sun.


Marbella Refurbishments Studio Architects

Villa Liba BEFORE

Architects Estepona Refurbishments Marbella Renovations Professionals

Villa Liba AFTER

Refurbishments Costa del Sol Architects

Villa Liba, Interior BEFORE

Penhouse Refurbishments Marbella Architects Estepona

Villa Liba, Interior AFTER


This project started from an old detached house that was completely demolished. The new dwelling had everything the family-to-live needed for, with an open kicthen-sitting-dining room, 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a back patio and a roof terrace with a washing room.


Architects marbella-refurbishments-san-pedro-alcantara




A complete new house, taking the most of its possibilities. 


Full renovation including demolishing the previous building. 


We worked in this case on empty commercial premises, and converted them into a health care clinic. We included different types of rooms with different sizes. We added tall and thin windows with mirrored glass as we tried to give as much natural light as we could, but also privacy.


Industrial Marbella Refurbishments Architects Malaga

Bodyworks Clinic, BEFORE

Malaga Architects Estepona Refurbishments Marbella

Bodyworks Clinic, AFTER

 Extensions, renovations, refurbishments. Whatever you are dreaming of, we can build your ideas and make them true. 



In the middle of the countryside, by the town of Ronda, we had the opportunity to build a modern extension to a villa with an English touch to it, adding a new garage and a guest house. The slate tiled roof has been matched with the coloured panels of the façades. A modern touch with an open and fluid interior.

Renovation Home Extension