La Zagaleta, where the forests of Marbella’s montains live in perfect symbiosis with modern architecture



This villa in La Zagaleta surpass any other design we have made. Just numbers are incredible. A house of 1.500 square meters with magnificent views in one of the most exclusive areas in the Costa del Sol. Designed in a modern way, the house stretches along the plot. With different levels and a marked horizontal line, the house adapts perfectly to the surrounding landscape. Natural elements like water are key in the whole project.

In fact, water accompanies the house all along in the different levels, outside and inside too. Big glass panels, two-stories high, also make much more clear the interaction between inside and outside, so you are at home but always reminded you are living in the midst of nature, lovely green mountains and the blue line of the sea at the back. So here, architecture and nature go hand by hand, interacting and exchanging.


Zagaleta Penhouse Marbella architect Costa del Sol




Big glass panels brings the landscape into the house. 


Water surrounds the house everywhere. You are always reminded of nature.


La Zagaleta is renowned for housing important personalities like politicians, artists, sportsmen, etc. that want to keep their privacy at the most and enjoy peacefulness, being apart from the spotlight. Bearing that in mind, our project hides itself from the public eye, having a more hermetic side to the entrance road, and a big opening to the mountain side. So, even if you would have the chance to visit La Zagaleta, you would never know what was going on inside.


Penhouuse mountain Marbella Architect



 One of our principles in this design was to adapt to the surrounding landscape. We were clear we didn’t want a building that stands alone as an artificial creation in the middle of a natural setting. We have used modern architecture in a way to make softer the transition between manmade and natural. So natural elements are used all over the house.

Wood is used intensely, to give a sense of warm and welcoming in a big size villa like this. Water is also another important element in the villa. You can find it in the entrance ponds, in the swimming pool, or even in the jacuzzi on the rooftop. Even at the basement, there is a window which actually looks right into the swimming pool, bringing also light into the room.


Marbella Mountain Views from LLoyd Penhouse Architects Costa del Sol




The views to the Serrania de Ronda are breathless, where wildlife wraps you. 


Architecture responds to nature, recognize it, admit it and dialogue with her. 


The program of this house include a main house, a guest house, and a leisure zone with cinema, games room and gym, among others. A double-story high sitting room is the main space of the villa, staying connected easily with the rest of the house and reflecting the sense of this building. A big opening to the mountain side and water from the swimming pool entering in the room characterise this space. If you liked this project, send us an email. We’d love hearing from you!


G1L Architects Zagaleta: Landscape and architecture meet in this exclusive project of a villa


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