Projects designed by G1L Architects that took part in important International Architecture Competitions. Here are some examples: Dubai Tower, Intelligent Building Manzana 4 in Zaragoza or Buildings 8 & 9 in Matadero Madrid Cultural Center.


G1L Architects in International Architecture Competitions



Competition entry for a tall building used as an observation deck. The project combines shape and function in an amazing way: it takes a waxing moon shape, which will be lit at the night skyline of the city. At the same time, it has got a 40m. diameter ferris wheel at its top, that comes in and out of the moon, getting magnificent views of the city, with its highest point at 170m. above the ground.

Tower Dubai Architect Marbella studio G1L



Riding in its ferris wheel is a magical sensation, like flying close to the moon


Every night the moon will light up Dubai’s skyline, creating an icon in the city

Dubai Intelligent Building Architects Marbella

Dubai Intelligent Building Architects Marbella

Dubai Tower Domotics Marbella Architect



A mixed use project comprising offices, commercial and residential. The residential area consists of 160 dwellings including 72 duplexes. The main component of the project is the treatment of its corner: during daylight it is a translucent feature, clad with metallic meshes, at night time it becomes a self-illuminated geometry, a reference to the city’s new skyline.

Edificio Manzana 4 Zaragoza, G1L Architects Marbella



Placed by the train station, this iconic building will welcome many visitors to Zaragoza


The night view of the building will be powerful in the skyline of the new part of the city


Malaga Architects Marbella Contests Projects



This project transforms two warehouses belonging to the old slaughterhouse in Madrid into spaces for artistic activities suitable for individuals or groups such as exhibitions or concerts. Starting from a basic space or unit with a hexagonal section, they can work independently or join together and form greater spaces. The units are piled along different sections of the warehouse in a different way and number, so they also leave empty spaces that get joined and create big open spaces.

Architect Matadero Madrid Architects



A multicultural hub, from a simple base room, we create a beehive of activities.


The hexagons will dialog with the sheltering building that wraps them up.

3D plans Malaga Architects Marbella

Matadero Madrid Architects G1L Project

Matadero Madrid Plans Architecture