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New Design Interiorism that reflects our clients personality with contemporary and unique atmospheres.



Functionalism has always been a must in our designs. Every piece of furniture is placed to cover a necessity, they have a function. Due to our experience in living spaces we know how they are used and what we need to make them work fine. We base our projects in all the elements that are going to be used for, as we know that, if they don’t have a cause to be, they will be easily forgotten and replaced.

On the other hand, decoration must reflects beauty. Although beauty can be a very subjective item, we would better be talking about harmony. We design spaces where our clients feel comfortable from the very first step they take into them. But not only comfortable in the common sense of the word, but comfortable to the eye. A pleasant view is the perfect welcoming to a well designed space. So “Harmony to the eye” is one of our mottoes.


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We offer a big variety of styles to suit our client’s ideas.


Our designs reflect the personality of the people who will use them.




There’s nothing more gratifying that accomplishing our client’s desire with our design. This has to do mostly with taking care knowing their likes and adapt them. For example, a futuristic space or a vintage decoration is nice if the person to live there is going to enjoy it and appreciate it. So this is why we think taylor-made interiors define the perfect spaces. Style and satisfaction go hand by hand in our projects. If you are interested, please send us an email for more information. We’d love hearing from you!

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Style and satisfaction go hand by hand in our projects. Confort, harmony and unique spaces are our base ideas for designing.


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When we start designing a space, we aim to give it a new life. We are updated with the latest trends in interior decoration and we also love to use some traditional materials. We always search for the perfect mix, a place where our ideas meet with our client’s expectations. With our spaces, we want to reach the confort to the eye, harmony for the soul, and unique spaces created only for their final users.

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